A movie day with Studio Juul

Julian with camera for Studio Juul
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In this blog post I take you on a day trip with Studio Juul and show you what a day looks like for sometimes only 10 seconds of video.

In the video I made we are making a commercial for a bicycle marketing company (I’ll share more about this later). We have set aside a whole day for about 10 seconds of film. First of all, of course, we set out and head for the location. The chosen location is at the Pyramid of Austerlitz. Not so much for the pyramid, but for the nature reserve around.

After we have arrived it is time to unload all the stuff. The items were put in a handcart. The camera was also prepared during unloading. Filming was done with a Sony FX9 camera and an EasyRig. With this, the camera hangs on a rope and more weight is placed on your back instead of on your arms.

Then it was time to start filming. As I described earlier, we went to the nature reserve around the pyramid to make images. After the filming comes the editing process. This way you have an impression of what a day of filming looks like. In the video below, I reeled in a day on Instagram.

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