Filming a wedding, that’s how I do it!

Wedding rings
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A wedding is something beautiful and special to capture. You are there on perhaps the most beautiful day of someone’s life. In this article I will tell you how I prepare for a wedding and ensure a happy couple.

Studio Juul already has several weddings are allowed to film and make aftermovies. Every wedding is different and in this article I’ll tell you the basics of how I approach a wedding.

  1. Preparation
  2. The day of the wedding
  3. Edit


One of the most important things about capturing a wedding is the preparation itself. I visit the couple as soon as possible before the big day to discuss the day. I write down what the day looks like with the times. Tip: Also include the addresses of the locations, it is best in your agenda. Make sure you know and note every little thing. Also note the telephone numbers of the masters of ceremonies and possibly the photographer. If there is anything. then you don’t have to bother the couple on the day and you can discuss it with the masters of ceremonies.

Location spot

If you don’t know the locations well? Visit in advance for a location spot. Check the locations to see if you have enough light and what kind of shots you could take. You could already take any drone shots.


Make sure all batteries are fully charged and you have packed all your belongings. Take extra batteries and take chargers with you. You could also charge some things on the day itself.

Day of the wedding

On the day of the wedding it is important to take as many images as possible. Try to capture everything so that you have enough images in the edit and you can easily choose what to use and what not to use.


During the wedding I already transfer images from the SD card to a hard disk. I try to do this at the moments where you don’t have to do anything as a videographer. Think of lunch, dinner, etc. During the transfer I already make folders with the right images in them. This is the structure:
0. Drone shots
1. Getting ready bride
2. Groom getting ready
3. First-look
This way you can easily edit later, because you have everything in the right order. Before I start editing, I already select the images that I want to use or that can be used. This makes the editing process faster.


Then follows the edit of all the video’s you have shot. Because you’ve already sorted out all the images, you can get to work faster. Tip: work in blocks and finish them first. For example, make sure that the groom’s preparation is completely correct and only then continue with the next block.

Good luck making a beautiful wedding video. Would you like to know what I could do for your wedding? Please contact me!

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