How do you make a cool car video?

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Last week I made a video of the Opel Corsa GS Line . I made this video together with Maarten van Maarten Media. In an extra video I explain how I made the video.

The most important thing is of course the idea. No idea no video! For inspiration I watched other car commercials. I also used some ideas from this. My research also showed that they are usually tough videos. The music, the shots make it all cool. That was also my approach for my own video. Then you have to look for a location. I chose the beach, and then shots with the car through the dunes and the sunset. I think that turned out pretty well 🙂 .

I’ve written down shots for myself in advance so that I know exactly what we’re going to shoot and how at the time of filming. Just make a checklist, sometimes shots are added or removed. Not all shots are successful, for example due to the weather or the location. So make sure you have enough shots.

If you are going to film, it can be useful to do some shots more often. Until you are happy with the shot. This way you can choose later in the edit which shots you like best and which connect well with the other shots.

The music is very important, make sure you have a good matching song. I added some sound effects to some shots. Like in the shot the car drives past. That is not the original sound but an effect. Keep the sound effects natural and don’t use too many. Only use them in places that you really think are necessary or that add to the video.

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