The most beautiful drone locations in the Netherlands

Deze pagina is ook beschikbaar in het NL

Television programs use nice drone shots in their programs. Social Media is full of beautiful drone photos. Most of these photos are taken abroad. But the Netherlands also has many beautiful drone spots or spots. In this article I will tell you the 5 most beautiful drone locations in the Netherlands.

Please note that you are not allowed to fly a drone everywhere. For example, it is prohibited around airports and prisons and within a Natura 2000 area you don’t fly. In addition, your drone must be registered with the RDW if your drone is heavier than 250 grams or if it contains a camera. Flying over crowds of people is not allowed. But where can you fly?

1. Pyramid of Austerlitz

At the Utrechtse Heuvelrug is the Pyramid of Austerlitz. This pyramid was built in the time of Napoleon. You can walk all the way around the pyramid and even on the pyramid itself. Around the pyramid you have many nature reserves, which produces very beautiful images. If you are going to fly: pay attention to the people on and around the pyramid.

Pyramide van Austerlitz - Studio Juul

2. Loosdrechtse plassen

Between Amsterdam and Utrecht you have a very beautiful nature reserve called: “Loosdrechtse Plassen”. This is a large nature reserve with a lot of water. You can boat here or just walk around the puddle. In the lake you have pieces of nature with houses on them. You can only get here by boat. The houses with greenery are actually built on the water. That’s how you get the green stripes in the water. Note: you are not allowed to fly the drone everywhere here, so first check where it is allowed!

3. Pier of Scheveningen

The beach of Scheveningen has the famous pier with a Ferris wheel at the end . With a beautiful sunset or sunrise you can take very nice photos and videos here. In addition to the pier and the Ferris wheel, you can also see the skyline of The Hague very nicely. City skyline with parliament.


4. Tulip fields

The first tulip fields appear around March/April. The tulips are at their best around this period. The tulips are harvested at the end of May/beginning of June. Tulip fields with all kinds of different colors give the most beautiful drone images. If you are going to fly above a tulip field, keep in mind that you do not trample tulips.

5. Beach (sunset)

Flying on the beach with the drone can produce very nice images. Especially when the sun sets or rises in the sea. You are not allowed to fly your drone above the dunes, because this falls within the scope of Natura 2000. Flying above the sea is allowed. The Golden Hour!

Do you have a nice location where you have droned and are allowed to fly? Please let me know via social media: InstagramTwitter and Facebook.

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