This is the new DJI Mini 3 pro drone

DJI mini 3 pro
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DJI is the largest manufacturer of drones. Most drone users fly a DJI drone. This week the manufacturer presented a new (improved) drone: the DJI Mini 3 pro!

DJI has the DJI Mini 3 pro this week drone presented. The DJI mini drones are lighter than 250 grams, so you do not need a license (drone certificate). You do have to register the drone. The drone succeeds the DJI mini 2, but has almost the same properties as the Mavic Air 2. This drone is therefore aimed at users who have multiple requirements for their drone for less money.

The DJI mini 3 pro contains a 48 megapixel camera with a 1/1.3-inch sensor. In addition, you can film in 4K at 60 frames per second or in HDR at 30 frames. Photos are taken in 48MP and can be in RAW. This drone seems to have almost the same specs as the expensive Mavic Air 2.

Design modified

DJI has also made changes to the design. For example, the propeller arms are more aerodynamic, so you can fly longer. Front and rear sight sensors have a wider viewing angle, which allows the drone to avoid obstacles. This drone can handle wind speeds of 10.7 meters per second. The gimbal has also been updated. For example, the gimbal can rotate a quarter turn for vertical videos without loss of quality, useful for Instagram stories or Youtube Shorts.

DJI mini 3 pro with controller

Controller on the shovel

DJI has opted for a new design for the controller. For example, the new RC controller has a built-in screen instead of having to click your phone in and use it as a screen. The controller contains a 5.5 inch touchscreen. The controller is aimed for pro use.


The DJI mini 3 pro costs 739 euros without controller. If you want a controller without the touchscreen, you pay 829 euros. For the full package with that new controller you pay 999 euros. The drone will be available from May 17.

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