Using video for your business

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We used to not be so concerned with promoting your business via video or on Social Media. Nowadays it is important and widely used to use video to promote your business.

Telling a story about your company is much easier via video than for people (customers) to read the story. It becomes visual. In addition, you can use video for an event to relive it at a later time. Parties and weddings are also important to have captured on video. As a reminder for later.

Do you have your own webshop? Then it is useful to make product videos. For example, this Coolblue does very well. With these product videos you show the customer what the device/product can do and what it looks like. These kind of product videos give a better picture than just some photos on which it is sometimes difficult to see what the product looks like.

It is important that your video is not too long and that your story is as short and clear as possible. Make the video stand out and people want to watch it. Don’t just tell the story, but also show your company. What do you make and what do you do. Picture this. Are you making a product video? Make sure you show the product well and tell what the product can do. Tell the pros but also the cons of the product.

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