Youtube shorts: what is it and what can you do with it?

Youtube shorts
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We use Instagram stories to quickly share things with followers on social media. Instagram stories is a copy of Snapchat, as are Facebook Stories and Whatsapp stories. Youtube couldn’t be left behind.

They also launched a story feature. This is called “Youtube Shorts”. In this article I explain what it is and what you can do with it.

  1. What are Youtube shorts?
  2. Who is it for?
  3. How do you make shorts?

What are Youtube shorts?

Youtube shorts are vertical videos of a minimum of 15 seconds and a maximum of 60 seconds. This functionality was launched in 2020. This feature is intended for short videos to promote your business and it is made for smartphones where the ratio is usually 1080×1920. Instead of a video that is horizontal, the video is now vertical. It takes up the whole screen. It is available in every country with the Youtube app.

Youtube shorts screenshot

Who is it intended for?

Shorts are a good addition for a company or video maker. It’s perfect for all kinds of creators. With a short you can entice the viewer to subscribe to your channel. With this tool you can promote yourself as a small business by making small videos from a long video. Youtube also gives you the option to cut out a portion of an existing video on YouTube and post it as Short. This makes it even easier to place one.

How to make shorts?

The important thing when making a short video is that it was shot vertically or edited later. When making a short you can also make a video with effects, music and titles. The best dimensions are 1080×1920. Follow these steps to create a short:

Step 1

Open the Youtube app and click on the plus sign at the bottom. Then click on ‘make short’:

Youtube short tutorial gif

Step 2

You can then choose to upload an existing video or create a new one. If you are going to make a movie, you can add all kinds of effects and sounds.

Step 3

After you’ve made or uploaded a video, you can add a description. After you’ve done this, you can post the short for everyone to see.

Good luck and have fun discovering and making a Youtube short!

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